Exercise for fitness. Exercise for life. 


To Be A Tribe Of Ordinary People Who Lead Extraordinary Lives



The Lifelong Pursuit of Sustainable Health and Fitness


We want to teach people to use and treat their body better. Since 2011, we have changed the mindset of people in Indonesia on exercise and fitness. We continue this by creating a community of people that believe fitness is not about how you look but it's about how much you can do. 

We believe in functional movements that is natural, safe and essential to your body. It includes bodyweight movements, gymnastics, running, biking, swimming, rowing and weightlifting. These are what life will demand from you ... now and later in life.


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Everyday And Everybody Counts

Know Thyself, Thy Tribe, And Thy Enemies

Play Often || Value Learning And Practicing

Train Like An Athlete, Compete Like A Warrior

Fight For What You Love || Be A Leader

Make A Difference || Celebrate Victories

Be Something More

Believe in yourself and don’t compare yourself with others. Focus on what you have accomplished. Always believe that you are ... Unstoppable
— Cassidy Duffield, USA Weightlifting Champion, CrossFitter